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Stir Crazy: Cordials

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Delicious cordials to be enjoyed all year round!

Bells Of St Clement Citrus Crush

Wonderful citrus combination reminiscent of the nursery rhyme! Seville oranges, lemon and lime combine for a zesty refreshing blend.  

Use in fruit punch for a dash of citrus zing, drink with soda and torn fresh mint leaves , splash into a vodka and soda with a twist of lemon and enjoy.

Ingredients- sugar, water, 25% combination of seville oranges, lemon and lime, tartaric acid, citric acid


Blood Orange & Lime Sherbert

The bestselling favourite!

This is a delicious tangy blend of wonderfully red blood orange juice and zingy lime juice.

Mix with soda, fresh mint and ice.

Will make a fabulous champagne cocktail mixed with sparkling wine, or Prosecco with a dash of Grand Marnier!  

Ingredients-Sugar, water, 25% blood orange and lime juice, citric acid, tartaric acid


Mandarin & River Mint

A wonderfully sweet and tangy cordial brimming with mandarin aromas and taste and a little fresh mint.

Blend with soda and a few additional fresh torn mint leaves.

Try making a mandarin martini- blend 30 ml cordial with a measure of vodka and Contreau or triple sec, ice and soda water. Garnish with edible flowers. Impress your friends!!


Kaffir Lime Twist

A lime bombshell!!  So zesty and a true lime taste, this combination is a blend of very sour kaffir lime and Tahitian lime juice.

For those that like it strong and sour!

Perfect for cocktails, try making a Moscow mule-

One measure Vodka, 30 ml lime cordial, dry ginger ale, ice.

Or a Kaffir Lime gimlet-

60ml gin, 30 ml kaffir lime cordial, 1/4 teaspoon matcha powder, squeeze of fresh lime, ice.

Ingredients- sugar, water, 25% combination of kaffir lime and tahitian lime, tartaric acid, citric acid


Passionfruit Punch

A true favourite! Seaonally available only. This is pretty and fragrant blend has a lemon and lime base and delicious fresh passionfruit pulp and juice.

Enjoy with sparkling water or soda, fresh mint and ice.  Splash into a fruit punch.

Will make a wonderful cocktail blended with Prosecco and served in a champagne glass.

Ingredients- sugar, water, 10% passionfruit, 15 % lemon and lime, tartaric acid, citric acid