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Pure Coastal: Lotion

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Our moisturising lotion is so good for the skin! Using natural products

Bushmint, Grapefruit, Cucumber & Aloe Vera

We have combined the natural medicine of Bushmint, the cooling effects of Cucumber and the stress relief offered by Grapefruit

Includes cucumber extract - a superfood for the skin. Along with soothing, organic aloe vera well known for its abundance of health benefits. To heal and clear acne, soothe and moisturise.

Coconut & Sea Kelp

Sea Minerals and Spirulina are naturally dense in antioxidants, iron and manganese amongst so many other goodies.

Coconut is known for its moisturising benefits, while also reducing inflammation even helping to heal wounds.

Our coconut, kelp and sea minerals range gives your skin a healthy soaking in natures vegetables, leaving your skin happy and glowing.


Lemon Myrtle and Kakadu Plum

What’s more Australian than lemon myrtle, eucalyptus and Kakadu plum? All of them so beneficial for your body. Lemon Myrtle is a natural antiseptic, and filled with amazing minerals. While the eucalyptus is fantastic to reduce dry skin, aches and pains as well as to promote relaxation.

Plus, the Kakadu plum extract gives your skin a high dose of vitamin C to soak up and feel good.