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Logans: Sambuca Blanco

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Our Sambuca Blanco is also made following a classic Italian Recipe. The seeds of the Pimpinella Anisum plant are distilled, producing a 100% pure essential oil. This oil is then added to our base neutral, along with in house made syrup. The result is our deliciously powerful Aniseed Liqueur, if you're a licorice fan - you need this in your life.

White Sambuca boasts a rich Italian heritage. The first commercial version of the drink was produced in Civitavecchia in 1851. Made with the seeds of the Pimpinella Anisum plant, it completely fills your mouth with an intense, powerful burst of Anise. Sweetened with homemade syrup just as it's conventionally made, it's absolutely exquisite served iced from the freezer, or for a more traditional approach - neat with coffee!

200ml | 40% ABV | 6.3 Standard Drinks

*Please note that as we use 100% all natural ingredients and no preservatives some sediment may collect at the base of the bottle. This is completely expected and will not affect the quality of your product at all. There may also be slight variations between each batch due to seasonal produce quality, supplier changes etc. but our commitment to providing a delicious product is a constant from batch to batch!