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IL VETRO: Rockpool Pendant

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lL Vetro Jewellery is created using recycled glass bottles.

Each piece is unique. The bottle is first cut, fired in a kiln and then formed into a 'one of a kind' design. Utilising a variety of glass colours and bottles including Australian white wine bottles, Bombay Sapphire gin bottles, glass water bottles and sea-glass found from various locations along the Surf Coast and abroad.

The Rockpool Pendant is inspired by the varying shades of blue, green and clear in a rockpool - this coastal necklace is created using three different forms of recycled glass. Using the colours from wine, water and gin bottles, each colour is fired in a kiln to round and smooth the shard of glass. 

The glass 'water bubbles' are then suspended in the pendant.

Recycled glass in brass pendant approximately 35mm diameter round. 
Suspended on a fine 18-inch 14c gold filled necklace.