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Effective Skincare: Vitamin B3 Face Tan Serum

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A luxurious face tan serum combining skincare and beauty in 1.

Infused with vitamin B3, this serum will add a golden tan as well as hydration, while evening skin tone with the benefits of Niacinamide - vitamin B3 and Aloe Vera.

Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinamide, is an incredible multitasker, and I'd say one of THE most important vitamins to add to your skincare routine. B3 has been widely researched and is clinically proven to repair and protect the skin. Vitamin B3 helps treat ageing, reduce fine lines, pigmentation, dehydration, acne and rosacea. It's a well studied skin protector and suitable for all skin types.

Tan will develop over 12-24 hours.