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La She Co: Creative Balance & Growth Crystal Candle - Coconut & Lime

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Coconut & Lime with Blue Calcite & Clear Quartz Candle


Smooth coconut fragrance with a kick of lime with the power of Calcite to help serge your energy, ready to light your fire in your soul. While clear crystal is claimed to help balance out your entire body, being a master healer.

Once you have removed your crystals from the candle, we suggest washing them in warm water to wash away any excess wax. 

To cleanse your stones, set them out before nightfall and bring them in before 11 am, this will allow your stones to bathe in moonlight and sunlight.

We also suggest reusing your candle jars, as pot plants, crystal bowls, or dried flowers.

Large 420g Vessel

These are natural stones and may vary in colour and size.