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Chilli Crew: Chipotle Hot Sauce

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The Chilli Crew are dedicated chilli heads who love all things chilli, from growing and harvesting, to cooking culinary delights to share with family and friends. They began making hot sauces to make their own delicious, handcrafted sauces made with the best fresh Australian ingredients.

Enjoy traditional Mexican flavours with the smooth and smoky flavoured Chipotle Hot Sauce. This hot sauce blends chipotle chilli with sweet bullhorn chilli and limes. It’s the perfect sauce for your next bbq.


Bull horn chilli, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, chipotle chilli, sea salt, raw sugar.

Heat Level - Medium 

150 ml bottle, refrigerate after opening and shake before use. Made with at least 90% Australian ingredients (we use Mexican chipotle chilli).