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Aurarei: Ying and Yang Necklace

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A traditional Taoist symbol, the Yin Yang is shown as a circle with two halves, and each half contains a single element from its opposite. This configuration represents the concept of dualism, the notion that all forms of energy have an equally powerful opposing energy. 

Though opposite in nature, the Yin Yang’s components are complementary: neither is superior, and one cannot exist without the other. Everything in nature is based upon this dualistic principle. The key to existence, therefore, is balanced energy, with no single element dominating over the other. Thus, the Yin Yang is not only beautiful, but reminds us that the only true path to harmony is through balance. 

Made with Cubic Zirconia, thought to improve focus, increase clarity and release the ego.  

Available in 18k Gold Vermeil. 

Symbolism: Balance, Clarity
Cubic Zirconia