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Aurarei: Ten of Cups Necklace

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The Ten of Cups Tarot Pendant by Aurarei is representative of family, love, stability and comfort.

The Symbolism
On the Ten of Cups, a loving couple stands together, arms outstretched, as their two children play nearby. They look towards their home on the hill and a beautiful rainbow in the sky filled with ten cups. These two have true, everlasting love and have everything they could ever wish for – the home, the kids, and most importantly, fulfilling love – and they share this bond with the people around them.

The family home symbolises stability and comfort, while the grassy hills signify fertility and the river marks the flow of emotion. The rainbow signals the end of difficult times and is a sign from the Divine that everything will be okay. The idyllic scene is one of true emotional fulfilment and Divine love.

Available in 925 Sterling Silver or 18k Gold Vermeil.