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La She Co: Direction Confidence & Self Love Crystal Candle

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Lemon myrtle with rainbow fluorite and clear quartz candle


A beautiful aroma from our Australian native of a sweet lemon fragrance, infused with rainbow fluorite known to help clear your mind and self-confidence and the powers of clear crystal in amplifying energy and balance.


Once you have removed your crystals from the candle, we suggest washing them in warm water to wash away any excess wax. 

To cleanse your stones, set them out before nightfall and bring them in before 11 am, this will allow your stones to bathe in moonlight and sunlight.

We also suggest reusing your candle jars, as pot plants, crystal bowls, or dried flowers.  

420g double wick coco soy wax

These are natural stones and may vary in colour and size.

The writing along the bottom of the vessel, is no longer available.